Technical Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to have the best experience:

1. Keep Your Access Link Handy – Use the link provided in the confirmation email you receive from us.

2. Refresh – If you can’t see or hear me, or you get bounced from a webinar for any reason, you can just rejoin using the same link. Do not call me us on Google hangouts as that disrupts the event.

3. Prepare Your Browser – We use a Google program called Hangouts and Google favors the Chrome Internet browser.

Download Google Chrome for your desktop or laptop here:
Download Google Chrome for your mobile device here:
If you use Explorer, Safari or Firefox browsers, install the latest version of the Google Hangouts browser plugin before you connect to the webinar.
Download that here:

4. Your Internet Connection – This technology works on almost any device that is connected via a high-speed Internet connection (including smart phones and tablets) but is best viewed and listened to on a device with an Ethernet connection (not a wireless connection.) If you attend the webinar on a wireless connection, you may experience some buffering and pixilation issues or see fuzzy or blurry video, especially if you have other apps running at the same time.

5. Ask others to limit their internet use – Streaming video is very demanding on your Internet connection. Try and encourage other people who are on the same connection to refrain from downloading large files or streaming video (this includes Netflix and Xbox Live) during the duration of the webinar. This will greatly improve your picture and audio quality.

6. Close Other Programs – Close down all software, apps and browser tabs on your device, except what you are using to view the webinar. This will ensure that you don’t have any hardware or software conflicts that could bounce off the webinar and frees up as many of your machine/device’s resources as possible for the best viewing experience. Some programs that can impact the quality of your picture are things that sync in the background, like Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote. For best results, turn them off until the webinar is over.