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From Overwhelmed to Organized: Putting Apps to Work for You

It’s easy to accumulate apps yet much harder to integrate them into your teaching and make them work for you.

Acquire a list of top music apps with a number of honorable mentions to consider.

Develop a filter and an assessment plan in which to analyze these apps that helps you select the right apps for the right time.

Gain practical and specific tips on how to implement the apps in your studio.

Polishing and Showcasing Showstopper Compositions: It’s All in the Details

After a composition is coming along nicely, there are snafus along the way to finalizing the end product. Hear ideas on how to:

  • Build a bridge from section A to B.
  • Return to section A after section B.
  • Notate a composition in Noteflight.
  • Create a colorful cover in Canva.
  • Upload a video of the performance to YouTube.
  • Generate a QR code that hosts the video and add it to the sheet music.
  • Host a recital to showcase the showstoppers.

Get Your Groove On

Using Dalcrozian-inspired activities, learn how tennis balls, scarves, hoops and cool moves can shape your own musicality and that of your students.

Off-Bench Prep for On-Bench Success

Experience how to introduce and explore new repertoire through singing, movement and clever manipulatives to ward off nasty pitfalls during practice. Learn how to:

  • Pinpoint the new concepts and tricky parts of a piece.
  • Prepare engaging lesson plans in advance that lay the foundation for new concepts.
  • Design activities so that students get the tricky parts right the first time.
  • Lock the piece inside the body so it can’t get out during home practice.

iReal Pro Hacks

Listed on Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions of 2010, iRealPro has revolutionized practice for creative musicians. We will walk through how to use this essential app from basics to pro tips. Unlock the power of this intimidating app so that you can use it with confidence at every lesson!

Speed Dialing Scale Fingerings

Throw out scary charts filled with different fingering required for every scale.

Instead, follow a couple of rules that apply for EVERY scale and equip yourself and your students with the tools to master fingering for any scale.

Self-Care at the Keys

How often do you sit down to play for pleasure?

What goals have you made for your own playing skills?

Are you blinded by the 88 keys when you want to improvise in the privacy of your own home?

Leave the workshop with a set of goals for yourself as a musician and pianist.

Improve Your Groove with Backing Tracks

How to integrate play along tracks into your curriculum including in the lesson, sharing, and customizing.

Eye/Ear Time Management

Strategies for balancing reading and improvising in limited lesson time.

How to Teach Online

From simple to elaborate, discover the equipment needed to teach remotely and how it differs from in-person lessons. Then learn practical tips from positioning lights to addressing privacy concerns from an online teaching pioneer.

Jamming the Classics

Learn to identify and creatively explore the scales, chords, and motifs buried inside traditional piano literature to streamline learning, enhance sight reading, and improve memorization. Help your students go “under the hood” of popular masterworks through analysis and improvisation so that rather than merely reproducing the notes on the page, they’ll understand how they came to be there in the first place.

How to Play by Ear

How do play-by-ear musicians pick out melodies and/or identify the chords? It’s not magic or talent. Learn to do it better yourself and then pass it on to your students.

The Pedagogy of Teaching Creativity

Learn how the philosophy and mindset of teaching off page creativity differs from teaching written music and understand how to integrate the two approaches.

Understanding Chord Symbols

A straightforward explanation of the principles, common practices, and variations in contemporary pop/jazz chord nomenclature.

Drumming for Teachers

In this always popular hands-on session, you’ll learn to accompany your students in a variety of basic styles on a hand drum. No previous drumming experience is necessary.

The class offerings listed here are in rough draft form and are provided to you to help you know if this conference is right for you. Bradley and Leila reserve the right to add to, change, delete, or modify any of the above class sessions for the 2021 Summer Workshop.