Introducing This Exclusive Webinar From Bradley Sowash and Leila Viss

Lock in Rhythm Skills & Unlock Creativity

What You Will Learn On The Webinar...

Part 1: Lock in Rhythm Skills  

Understanding the IONS of Rhythm with Treasured Trash
Leila Viss (60 minutes)

Rhythm is a complex system integrating the ear, the eye, the mind and the entire body. It’s more than memorizing the names “quarter note” and “half note.” It must be experienced physically before an accurate understanding of the signs and symbols can begin.

Overcoming my own rhythmic inadequacies has made be passionate about demystifying this complex system for others. In addition, I discovered that improvising and helping pianists build their musical imaginations requires strong rhythm skills. That’s why Bradley Sowash (improvisation guru) and I are dedicating an entire webinar to the science of rhythm.

Part 2: Unlock Creativity

a. Rhythm Boxes & Boards
Bradley Sowash (30 minutes)

Many students read pitches on a staff easily, but have trouble with rhythms. Often that’s because they understand the durationof note values (e.g. a half note = hold the note for 2 beats), but are unaware that the location of notes in a measure is just as important. Learn to teach rhythms by relating the location of individual notes to the beat. Then, reinforce their understanding with creative rhythmic activities.

b. Drumming for Piano Teachers
Bradley Sowash (30 minutes)

Learn to accompany your students with simple, easily-remembered stock grooves using inexpensive (or even homemade) hand-percussion instruments. Drum machines and backing tracks are great for practice but nothing “beats a drum” (pun intended) to quickly model musicality (steady beat, tempo, dynamics, phrasing…) in the lesson. Streamline your lessons with less “teacher talk” and more music making.

Join us and lock in your rhythm skills so you can unlock your creativity!

If you sign up for the webinar and cannot attend, the replay of the webinar will be available on our webiste. You will be emailed a link once the webinar is complete.
September 26
11am-1pm Eastern Standard Time

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