88 Creative Keys Summer Workshop

Austin, Texas

Coming Summer 2022

Professional development workshops for piano teachers

Small & Immersive
At 88 Creative Keys professional development workshops, piano teachers learn to improvise, use technology, lead off-bench activities, direct group teaching and acquire updated business skills with today’s leading pedagogues. Unlike larger music education conferences, our workshops are limited to a small group of participants in order to maximize individual attention.

“Thanks for your vision to put something like this together, your passion to inspire and equip us, your energy and positivity that infused each day, your flexibility to make adjustments and your generosity in sharing your wisdom, knowledge – and of course your time (and all that you provide through your webinars and websites).”

— Joan Hildebrand, Piano teacher
  • SWING from sessions on building ear skills to sessions on developing better reading skills. 
  • MOVE off the bench to master new skills on the bench.
  • ENGAGE in stimulating conversations that may sway the direction of your business or validate your current status.
  • DEVELOP creative skills from the page so you can build more skills off the page.
  • RENEW a sense of balance as a professional musician and teacher; one that is first and foremost centered around creativity and teaching creatively.

“I truly love the energy you inspire in these groups of teachers. You and Bradley make it so comfortable to try new things without the risk of putting us on the spot. Several people that I talked to mentioned that — they weren’t expecting such a fun, energetic group of attendees and said that you and Bradley seem so genuine and real.”

— Marie Lee, Group piano teacher